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Drugstore Candy Madness - The Stranger

Probably the most "legit" of drugstore heart-shaped choco boxes is the Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly box I found at Bartell, which comes with extremely Seattle words worked into the paisley front design: "Woman Owned," "Non GMO," "Hand Packed with Love," "Kosher," "All Natural," and "Gluten Free."

Inside, each oblong "dark chocolate truffle with raspberry and bubbles" snaps slightly when you bite into it; the light-pink insides (the raspberry flavor is exactly what I want it to taste likeā€”more complicated than strawberry, more interesting than cherry) have tiny champagne-colored sparkles that subtly pop in your mouth like grown-up Pop Rocks.

Pink Bubbly Henna Heart by Seattle ChocolatesThe third-to-last ingredient is "popping candy," which appears to be some fantastic magic that combines cane sugar with carbon dioxide. I approve of this woman-owned witchery.

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