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Seattle Chocolates - Seattle Business

For Seattle Chocolates, one not-s-secret ingredient is charitable activity combined with social media. The purcahse price of every bar includes a food-bank donation - a practice that was augmented last year by the #chocolategives campaign to generate contributions. 

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Celebrate National PB&J Day Like a Grown-Up - Delish

An old-fashioned PB&J sandwich is always delicious (no matter your age), but here at Delish, we decided to celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day by spoiling ourselves with a more refined version, perfect for out adult palettes. Because that goes together than peanut butter and jelly? If the years have taught us anything, it's to coat that peanut butter and jelly in chocolate, of course. 


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Easter Candy for Grownups (And Kids Too) - The Kitchn

hunting and gathering to fill your Easter basket? Here are two bars that caught my eye, both from Seattle Chocolates. The first if for you milk chocolate lovers (Fluffy Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar); the second for those who will only take the dark (Spring Surprise Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar). 

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Healthier Easter Candy Alternatives - Kiwi Magazine

In honor of spring, Seattle Chocolates crafted three chocolate bars with fun flavors like Fresh Mint, Fluffy Toffee, and Spring Surprise (with roasted almonds, coconut, and sea salt). The treats are made with all-natural and responsibily sourced ingredients and beautifully wrapped in recycled paper. 

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Seattle Chocolate's Seasonal Flavors - Candy Industry

Seattle Chocolates debuted three new seasonal flavors: 

Spring Suprise: A truffle bar that includes toasted coconut and roasted almonds with a dash of sea salt in dark chocolate for Spring. 

PB & J: A truffle bar inspired by owner Jean Thompson's favorite childhood snack, it combines crunchy peanut butter with strawberry fruit jellies in dark chocolae for Summer. 

Choc-O-Lantern: A truffle bar that blends cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice to create pumpkin spice in a milk chocolate for Halloween. 

Moving Beyond - Alaska Airlines Horizon Edition

Eat and Drink Well: You also have access to high-quality, delicious meals, snacks and beverages, with availability depending on the route and flight length. Your options may include signature dishes from award-winning chef Tom Douglas; Beecher's and Tillamook cheeses; Seattle Chocolates truffles... 

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Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bars - Chocolate Ratings

If you have been reading this site for years, you already know about Seattle Chocolates. I recently had a chance to sample some of their new bars and want to share my gustatory adventure with you.

Frankly, it was hard to taste all ten as once I tried the Peanut Praline with Glazed Quinoa I just wanted to focus on that crunchy, dark bar for as long as it lasted.

A Spooky Chocolate Bar - The Ultimate Chocolate Blog

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the spooky season than with a gourmet truffle bar designed for the occasion? "Devil's Delight" by Seattle Chocolate Company is a dark chocolate truffle bar with a peanut butter and crunchy pretzel centre, and it has a fun packaging design to boot. With all sorts of devilish, Halloween-related words printed all over the package, this chocolate bar makes me wish that Halloween would come sooner.

Best Chocolate to Stuff in Your Easter Basket - Parade

"Easter is upon us and your time is limited for assembling an Easter basket for your spouse/mother/kid.

Easter baskets, of course, are traditionally filled with a bunch of candy, and maybe—if you were lucky—a few small gifts. You’re going to have to figure out the “few small gifts” situation on your own, but we’re going to help you out with the chocolate part."

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Drugstore Candy Madness - The Stranger

Probably the most "legit" of drugstore heart-shaped choco boxes is the Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly box I found at Bartell, which comes with extremely Seattle words worked into the paisley front design: "Woman Owned," "Non GMO," "Hand Packed with Love," "Kosher," "All Natural," and "Gluten Free."

20 Pink Products That Actually Benefit Breast Cancer Causes - Prevention

Every October, we brace ourselves for the barrage of pink. Don't get us wrong, we love the idea of supporting our favorite breast cancer charities by purchasing awesome products, but it's hard to know whether those pink goodies really make an impact. Well no sweat—this year we've done the legwork for you. We've vetted each of these products to find out who they benefit and how much of your purchase actually goes to the charity named.

Perfect PB Review - Munchies of a Running Addict

Seattle Chocolates – Chocolate Truffle Bar – Perfect Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter – one of the things in life that you can’t (or at least I can’t) live without. It is something that pairs well with almost anything imaginable – from chicken to potatoes to the best pairing of all….chocolate. What not better to do then is to pair it with some of the most decadent and rich chocolate truffle bar imaginable and wrap it up in individual packages of joy? This is exactly what Seattle Chocolates did with this next gal.

8 quality American-made foods - Today.com

Seattle Chocolates Lemon Ice Bar
Seattle, Wash.

Chocolate isn’t typically thought of as refreshing, but this new Lemon Ice bar from Seattle Chocolates really is—candy makers infuse the white chocolate truffle bar with pieces of old-fashioned lemon candy from Chicago. If white chocolate isn’t your thing, the Seattle chocolatiers also make a seasonal Campers’ S’mores bar, the perfect thing to drop in the kids’ summer camp bags. $3 for 2.5 ounces.

Editor's Choice - Fancy Food & Culinary Products

It might not be Christmas time, but Seattle Chocolate's Hot Buttered Rum Milk Chocolate Truffle bar is certainly getting me into the season. I love hot buttered rum (the best I have had is available seasonally at The Duke of Perth in Chicago) and this creamy, rich candy bar brings to mind the cold afternoons in front of the Duke's warm fire.

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Flavor HD talks with Seattle Chocolates - Flavor HD

Flavor HD’s Hannah Stanley and Dane Neal came upon Seattle Chocolates at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo. Drawn in by the gorgeous marketing - and after staying to try the chocolate – were so blown away - we grabbed the company’s President for an interview, right then & there. Hear the story of the unconventional path that led Seattle Chocolates to be among the best things we’ve ever tasted!

Niel Campbell interviewed @ Sweets and Snacks - Flavor HD

"Flavor HD’s Hannah Stanley and Dane Neal came upon Seattle Chocolates at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo.  Drawn in by the gorgeous marketing - and after staying to try the chocolate – were so blown away - we grabbed the company’s President for an interview, right then & there.  Hear the story of the unconventional path that led Seattle Chocolates to be among the best things we’ve ever tasted!"

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Seattle Chocolates: Assorted Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate Ratings Blog

Just as thousands of artists have used the same paints to achieve wildly varying results, chocolatiers can use the same ingredients to create completely different products. This occurred to me as I tucked into a bag of assorted truffles from Seattle Chocolates. I had recently written about their truffle bars and erroneously assumed these would be very similar, but smaller. I underestimated their vision. They may use the same fillings and couverture, but the results are very different.

Seattle Chocolates Review - The Chocolate Cult

Last year Seattle Chocolate sent us several offerings, and today we'll be revealing the last of these, several varieties of their 2.5 ounce Truffle bars, to you as a full Chocolate Cult team with reports from your Chocolate Priestess, the Chocolate Coconut Acolyte and our Mocha Acolyte.  In total Seattle sent us 10 different flavors, one of each variety they sell, so you will find out today which bars may be the right one, or two, or three or more, for you. 

Who is your favorite female president? - Seattle Examiner

Editor's Note: For President's Day I asked some movers and shakers to submit their favorite local female President/CEO. The winning entry from Nancy Juetten follows:

Jean Thompson, CEO, Seattle Chocolate Company, is an inspiring business leader who is living her passion for chocolate, loving her life as a mom and wife, and giving back to causes that are close to her heart...

Jean Thompson's Dream Job - NW Source

The job: For chocoholic Jean Thompson, life is sweet. As co-owner and CEO of Seattle Chocolates, the 15-year-old company she and her husband first invested in eight years ago and became sole owners of in 2005, she has the delectable task of developing, marketing and packaging wholesale lines of truffles and premium chocolates.

A Sweet Little Road Trip - msn.com

Seattle is best known as the country’s capital of coffee consumption. But the city also plays host to a variety of chocolatiers, chief among them Seattle Chocolates, which specializes in a dazzling variety of truffle bars...