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About Us

Seattle Chocolates has been delivering smooth, all natural satisfaction in every bite since 1991.

That’s because to us, chocolate is more than an exquisite treat. It is also a way to connect, a gift, a salve. It’s one of life’s fabulous little pleasures.

We’ve been using honest ingredients to create premium chocolate that satisfies the cravings and passions of discerning chocolate lovers. And now we’re proud to be part of a larger movement to produce distinctive, memorable products from right here in the Pacific Northwest. A taste of Seattle Chocolates is like a sunny day in March with Mt. Rainier glowing in the distance. Like a bounty of summer fruit from the farmer’s market. Like a cozy evening in front of the fireplace while the rain trickles down the windows. Like an afternoon on the Ferry taking an adventure. The combination of local flavors and inspired design makes Seattle Chocolates irrefutably yours.

Our small and mighty company is owned and led by CEO Jean Thompson, a seasoned and self-taught chocolatier. Our entire chocolate line is certified Kosher, and many varieties are also gluten-free and vegan. We have a deep commitment to giving back to our roots, while also supporting and donating to organizations that better the lives of American families, specifically those groups dedicated to abolishing hunger here in the U.S. In 2012, we created the jcoco brand with a focus on feeding hungry families, at its core. For each jcoco bar sold, we donate a serving of fresh healthy food to one of our four food bank partners. You can learn more about our philanthropic efforts and giving mission here



We believe in surrounding yourself with things you love.

We believe in licking the spoon.

We believe in empowering our community.

We believe a little bit of indulgence every day is the way to go.

We believe that chocolate helps people live in the moment.

We believe good things come from the Pacific Northwest.

We believe we have a responsibility to protect our world's resources.

We believe that chocolate can make a difference in our hungry world.